We know…another white shaker style kitchen…blame HGTV!

Here we’ve taken a kitchen that was literally on life support and turned it into a brand-new looking kitchen.

The kitchen was made of and with components from three different brands of kitchen cabinets into one. To make matters worse the corner base cabinet as we told the customer was made out of “stuff’. When we say “stuff”, we really mean it as it was pieces of board cut into various pieces held together with a “plethora of L-Brackets” and whatever screws were found around the house and in the garage.

There was nothing level and square and admittedly it took a whole morning to get the corner base cabinet operational and able to accept a bi-fold corner door that fit and operated correctly.

On the far right wall cabinet of the cabinet to the right of sink window had a open shelf cabinet on the end. We had to remove in this case to resurface it. When we did, it fell apart… like the base corner cabinet it was held together by a “plethora of L-Brackets” and assorted screws.

To correct this open shelf issue we simply discarded the pieces of wood and made a new cabinet on-site to replace it as it was the only option.

The client wanted the kitchen to be brighter and more contemporary looking and be more functional and they were thinking white and a shaker style. We completely covered all exposed cabinet box panels with new surfaces and edge banded every edge of every box prior to accepting all new doors and soft close hinges.

We finished the project by installing a really nice natural stone looking laminate countertop. Unless you knew better would think that it’s a natural stone top.

We must say, this kitchen given the condition turned out really nice. In fact, it looks like a brand new kitchen. One of the best things about refacing old decrepit kitchens is seeing the look on the client face when they see the transformation and final product.

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