Simplicity In A Project

This kitchen was in good condition with respect to the box construction making an easier project to complete. The only real problems were the cabinet boxes and doors were supposed to be white. The boxes were in fact white, but the doors had turned an ugly yellow mustard colour and many of the doors were cracked and peeling. Like many others and what is trending the client chose new white shaker doors of which we installed to give this kitchen a clean contemporary look.

The client purchased a new refrigerator that was taller than the previous making the cabinet above it protrude upwards as you can see in the “before” pictures. We used the refacing opportunity to remove the cabinet and cut it down in size to fit neatly in line with the rest of the cabinets.

While we were doing the kitchen the client had the same problem with yellowing in the bathroom and the previous home owner had painted the sides of the cabinets. We supplied new doors and resurfaced the sides of the cabinets so that everything matched in the bathroom and the kitchen.

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