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Revitalize Your Kitchen with Re-Thermofoiling by CabinetPRO

Experience the transformative power of Re-Thermofoiling, a groundbreaking process introduced by CabinetPRO. Thermofoil doors, widely utilized in new home construction since the early 1980s, have evolved with cutting-edge technology, making them more resilient and aesthetically pleasing than ever before.

The Evolution of Thermofoil: Superiority Unveiled

Originally installed in the early 1980s, thermofoil or PVC material has undergone a remarkable transformation. Today, it boasts enhanced pliability and incorporates UV protection, rendering it resistant to yellowing and less prone to becoming brittle, thereby reducing the likelihood of cracking or peeling. Unlike its predecessors, contemporary thermofoil material is significantly more resistant to heat, thanks to continuous technological advancements.

Adhesive Advancements and Superior Heat & Vacuum Forming

Modern thermofoil doors benefit from advanced adhesives, ensuring increased reliability and longevity. The heat and vacuum forming processes employed today result in a more durable and robust product compared to various other finishes and materials. Technological strides have made thermofoil doors a preferred choice for those seeking durability and longevity in their kitchen cabinets.

Re-Thermofoiling: Giving Old Doors a New Lease on Life

CabinetPRO introduces “Re-Thermofoiling,” an exclusive process designed to address issues that were once considered irreparable. Say goodbye to peeling, cracked, and discolored thermofoil doors – now they can have a second life. This unique process is only offered by CabinetPRO, and we’ve perfected a system that makes it the most cost-effective solution to save your doors and update your kitchen.

Unlimited Options for a Personalized Touch

CabinetPRO’s Re-Thermofoiling process opens up a world of possibilities. Not only can we attempt to match your existing color, but our system also allows you to change the color and texture. Choose from solid colors, matte and high gloss finishes, or wood grain textures. In many cases, if you opt for a color change, we can also match the boxes and edgeband for a cohesive look. This innovative solution can even be seamlessly integrated into our refacing program, providing you with endless design options.

Effortless Process with Flexible Options

At CabinetPRO, we understand the importance of convenience. You can choose to have us remove your doors for Re-Thermofoiling and return them once completed. Alternatively, if you’re handy, you can remove them yourself and bring them to our showroom at 648 McKay Street, Kingston. The process is simple: give us a call, send an email to, or stop by our showroom to see samples and schedule a site visit for a consultation and estimate.

Transform your kitchen with the innovative and cost-effective Re-Thermofoiling process by CabinetPRO. Discover a world of possibilities for your kitchen cabinets today!