CabinetPRO offers a wider range of options than any other cabinet company. Our comprehensive services, including cabinet painting, cabinet refacing, door re-thermofoiling, and new cabinetry, distinguish us as one of the only full service cabinet companies in the industry.

When it comes to new cabinetry, we understand that everyone has unique goals for their kitchen, whether it’s for a rental property, a house flip, enhancing the kitchen to prepare the home for sale, or creating their dream kitchen. Maybe it’s a kitchen that is needed super-fast. Each situation requires specific solutions, and we’ve developed a cabinet program tailored to meet the needs and price points of every application.

$         –     CabinetPRO Essentials
$$       –    CabinetPRO Essentials PLUS
$$       –    Cabinetsmith Select Cabinets
$$$     –   Cabinetsmith Impressions Cabinetry
$$$$   –   CabinetPRO Custom Elite Cabinetry

NOTE: – Although much attention is made about our kitchen cabinet line-up, you will find equally the same diverse line-up of Closet Systems along with Vanity Cabinets.