Hair Salon Reception Desk 2017

Using our Cabico line of cabinets we created a custom three level reception desk to accommodate two computers and a special housing to hide all computer cables, telephone lines, credit card lines and other. We used stainless steel toe kick on the inside and out of the desk unit as a protection from mopping and sweeping floors. For the countertop we used Solid Surface for the top three levels and a laminate for the work level stations. The complete unit was outfitted with high quality slide keyboard trays etc.

Tiny Home Parham Ontario 2017

An interesting and fun project on the property of a much larger home. This was a complete rebuild of a Kids Cottage to a Tiny Home. A complete a design incorporating unique bed and trundle sleep area with additional storage. Here you can see new siding, deck and custom rail system. We designed this Tiny Home for the owner’s children to camp in. Sleeps three, has refrigerator and additional storage. Supplied everything including the new windows and doors.

Distressed Floating Shelves

Sometimes we need specific products like these kitchen shelves which are normally readily available and as a result we manufacture them ourselves in-house to the exact sizes and degree of distressing required for specific projects. The shelves in the picture were made in-house for a project kitchen we were supply in Bermuda.

Faux Tin Ceilings 2017

This is a project we supplied exact to the customers specifications to bring something special into their kitchen. The Faux Tin ceiling was antiqued in a crackle finish and applied centred to the kitchen and above the island. A special size crown was supplied and painted to accent between the Faux Tin and the applied Crown.

Distressed Mantel 2017

The pictures shown a specially designed mantel made in-house to the customers specifications and levels of distressing. This mantel was installed and then surrounded floor to ceiling with our unique Stone Craft system applied stone-by-stone to give the customer the look they envisioned.

This was a tricky project we had to produce it prior to the stairs being completed and tiled in a new home construction. A mock up stair railing was created after the concrete stairs were poured so that we could produce a template to order the correct fitting and glass in advance.