Carefully crafted with you in mind, our bathroom vanity tops and edge treatments deliver long-lasting beauty. At CabinetPRO, we offer over 15 sink styles that can be beautifully added to a vanity top with an integrated backsplash or a vanity top with a separate backsplash.

  1. Our integrated backsplash vanity tops include a 4” tall backsplash with a ¾” thick counter deck.
  2. We also offer commercial tops that are designed for functionality and can be used in a variety of spaces – ranging from public bathroom spaces, malls, offices and more
  3. For vanity tops with no integrated backsplash, backsplashes can be added separately with various edge profiles available to choose from.
  4. Our standard vanity top depths are 19”, 22” and 23” – Custom depths are available for an additional charge

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With 28 colours to choose from we are sure to have the look to compliment your bathroom design.

0621 Onyx

AL4001 Yukon

AL4002 Tamarak

AL4003 Nuna

AL4004 Baffin

AL4005 Hudson

AL4006 Tofino

AL4007 Jovette

M37 White-Steel

M39 White-Grey

S09 White – Solid