Homemade Kitchen… Fixed

This homemade kitchen disaster was an extreme challenge. A combination of face frame cabinets coupled with frameless cabinets. A kitchen built by someone that loved angles but didn’t own a square.

They painted it with a roller, paint brushes and maybe a paper towel. The clearances between the angled drawer cabinets and the door cabinet didn’t have enough clearance so consequently they collided with each other in many cases or simply rubbed against each other. The drawer tracks didn’t operate smoothly and in fact jammed or dropped off their tracks in many cases. Even the existing door hinges were installed with several different types of hinges, and incorrect overlays

As you can see in the pictures the cabinet next to the refrigerator was all drawers and taller than most people. Not sure how the designer thought you can access the contents within the drawers. We converted that cabinet into a pantry to resolve that issue. The existing doors were homemade from a sheet of MDF and routed to create a raised panel effect…looks as though their router got away from the person doing the routing as they were inconsistent and wild.

We squared up everything, added new drawer tracks with soft close, provided all new doors and re-hinged them with soft close features. As the pictures showed, we converted a corner tamber bread box cabinet into a lift-up bread box. We made a new framework around the microwave to look a little more built-in.

Above the cabinets was painted in a high gloss black. We resurfaced the black with the matching skins of the cabinets and added a ¾” molding to close off the gaps between the cabinets and the ceiling.

Whoever built the original corner cabinet above the telephone used wainscoting material that had a routed profile material for the right side which wouldn’t work with the new doors. We removed the side and replaced it with a new side.

In the end we were proud of the look of the kitchen as it became a clean, neat and fully functional kitchen with everything working as it should and intended.

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