Dynamix Elite SmartDrop Collection – Loose Lay

The SmartDrop collection from Fuzion includes stylish and durable luxury vinyl flooring options that are great for home settings. These floors feature a 5mm overall thickness, and they have a 0.3mm top layer. This top layer, which is called the wear layer, resist most scratches and scuffs. The surface also has a matte finish, and it is embossed. This means that the SmartDrop planks and tiles feel like real wood or stone.

Fuzion SmartDrop is available in 7″x48″ planks and 12″x24″ tile. They can be installed with or without glued, and they are suitable for below, on, and above ground settings.

SmartDrop Elite Heathered Grey

SmartDrop Elite Jagar

SmartDrop Elite Rook

SmartDrop Elite Sledge

SmartDrop Elite Thermite

SmartDrop Elite Valkyrie

Flooring Underside