Dated Kitchen Updated

Our client liked her kitchen layout but didn’t like the style and colour of cabinetry. She wanted a change but didn’t want to go through with a complete kitchen renovation and replacement and was looking for an alternate solution.

Like most, her first thought was to have the cabinets painted in an alternate color to give a new look even though it would still have the same door style. She had a door sample painted by a local cabinet painter but didn’t like the fact that it still showed the deep grain normally associated with oak wood doors.

At CabinetPRO we suggested our paint-less cabinet refacing program, consisting of new cabinet doors in a more up-to-date style and colour and to reface the entire exposed cabinets boxes with new skins to give her cabinets a brand new look.

Our no-paint-no mess system resulted in a brighter, fresh, and brand new looking cabinets with quality factory finished doors and on-site cabinet box refacing with new skins.

Our client was able to use her kitchen the entire time because although we changed the laminate countertop for a new Quartz Countertop in a quick switch and turnover of 2 hours. Her microwave, range, refrigerator and dishwasher were all left in place allowing full use during the process.

Next we will install new backsplash tile to complete the new look.

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