Our market-leaders suppliers such as Formica, Wilsonart, Aborite, Pionite, Formatop, Nevamar and Lamitech These suppliers big quantity purchase allow us to provide our customers with the latest styles, colors and trends, while providing the best possible price for these top of the line products. We are proud to offer our customers superior quality, unsurpassed service, on-time delivery, professional installation and the best warranties that the industry has to offer.

Current Stock Colours. For Special Order Colours See Complete List Below.

Special Order Laminate Colours

A344LM Inukshuk Grey Luminous
A345LM Inukshuk Taupe Luminous
A346LM Inukshuk Carbon Luminous
A394VL Arctic Snow Velvatex
A395VL Arctic Ice Velvatex
A396VL Arctic Tundra Velvatex
A397VL Klondike Riverbed Velvatex
A398VL Yukon Riverbed Velvatex
A346LM Inukshuk Carbon Luminous
A1000PVL Arabescato Marble Velvatex
A1001PVT Magma Brown Granite Vista
A1002PVT Santa Cecilia Vista
A1003PIM Tuscan Travertine Impression
A1004PIM Roman Travertine Impression
A1005PVT Typhoon Bordeaux Creme Vista
A1006PVT Typhoon Bordeaux Greige Vista
A1007PVL Cinder Slate Velvatex
A1009PVL Mont Blanc Velvatex
A1010PIM Cityscape Loft Impression
A1011PIM Industrial Loft Impression
A1012PVT Antico Grigio Vista
2000SD Natural Allure Suede
2001SD Algonquin Allure Suede
2002SD Boreal Allure Suede
2003SD Oceanic Allure Suede
2004SD Amazon Allure Suede
2005SD Egyptian Allure Suede
2006SD Himalayan Allure Suede
2007SD Venetian Allure Suede
3000CA Muskoka Granite Cashmere
3001BC Mayan Granite Cashmere
3002CA Blackforest Granite Cashmere
3003CA Florentine Granite Cashmere
271-46 Blackstone Etchings
909-42 Black Crystal
920-58 Almond Matte
3450-RD Mineral Jet Radiance
3456-58 Mocha Travertine Matte
3496-46 Belmonte Granite Etchings
3518-46 Flint Crystal Etchings
3522-46 Perlato Granite Etchings
3526-58 Travertine Matte
3689-58 Himalayan Slate Matte
3690-58 Basalt Slate Matte
3692-58 Labrador Granite Matte
6220-RD Smoke Quarstone Radiance
6222-58 Brazilian Brown Granite Matte
6223-58 Venetian Gold Granite Matte
6226-46 Ivory Kashmire Etchings
6280-46 Midnight Stone Etchings
6314-58 Neo Cloud Matte
6317-34 Weathered Cement Scovato
6696-46 Cararra Bianco Etchings
6697-46 Argento Romano Etchings
6698-46 Paloma Polar Etchings
7264-58 Lime Stone Matte
7267-58 Concrete Stone Matte
7494-58 Carrara Envision Matte
7732-58 Butterum Granite Matte
7734-58 Jamocha Granite Matte
9306-58 White Bardiglio Matte
9307-58 Silver Shalestone Matte
9309-46 Star Dune Etchings
9476-43 White Ice Granite Artisan
9497-34 Silver Quarzite Scovato
9525-34 White Shalestone Scovato
9527-34 Black Shalestone Scovato
9528-34 Silver Galaxy Slate Scovato
9529-43 Sea Salt Artisan
9532-43 Smoked Sea Salt Artisan
3420-46 Dolce Vita Etchings
3422-RD Crema Mascarello Radiance
3458-77 FX Travertine Silver Honed
3459-77 FX Soapstone Sequoia Honed
3460-46_FX Calacatta Marble Etchings
3465-RD FX Golden Mascarello Radiance
3466-RD FX Antique Mascarello Radiance
3467-RD FX Blue Storm Radiance
3476-46 Jet Sequoia Etchings
3546-46 FX River Gold Etchings
3547-RD FX Lapidus Brown Radiance
3548-RD FX Magma Black Radiance
6319-RD FX Cafe Azul Radiance
6320-46 FX Black Fusion Etchings
6321-43 FX Oxidized Maple Artisan
9284-RD FX Classic Crystal Granite Radiance
9302-34 FX Fantasy Marble Scovato
9303-RD FX Azul Aran Radiance
9304-43 FX Blue Flower Granite Artisan
9305-43 FX Silver Flower Granite Artisan
9483-90 FX Ferro Grafite Gloss
9534-34 FX Sea Pearl Scovato
9535-43 FX Quartz Composite Artisan
9536-34 FX Quartzite Bianco Scovato
9537-34 FX Stormy Night Granite Scovato
2716GL Pietra Adobe Gloss
2718SP Pietra Ambar Splendor
2723SP Granitto Baltic Splendor
2724SP Granitto Fossil Splendor
3034SP Granite Chocolate Splendor
3125SP Santo Branco Splendor
3125SP Santo Grigio Splendor
3127MT Industrial Concrete Matte
GR2004T Woodstock Granite Textured
RK2001T Classic Rock Textured
RK6003T Verdicts in Textured
SL2001T Pumice Pietra Textured
SL6003T Rare Earth Slate Textured
AW141SD Rock of Ages Suede
MG071SX Bernard Stonex
MG120SX Harold Stonex
MR120SX Louise Stonex
MT260SD Santiago Suede
MT390SX Hazel Stonex
1573-60 Frosty White Matte
1850-35 Luna Winter HD Mirage
1858-55 Silver Travertine HD Glaze
1872-35 Bianco Romano HD Mirage
1874-52 Winter Carnival Quarry
1876-52 Spring Carnival Quarry
1877-52 Autumn Carnival Quarry
1879-35 Trinidad Lapidus HD Mirage
1880-35 Magnata HD Mirage
1881-35 Cipollino Bianca Mirage
1882-35 Cipollino Grigo Mirage
1884-35 Cipollino Con Panna Mirage
1885-07 Marmo Bianco Textured Gloss
1886-07 Cote D'Azure Textured Gloss
1887-22 Benjamin Grey Antique
1888-22 Hebron White Antique
1889-07 Ribbon Marble Textured Gloss
1890-22 Serrania Antique
1891-55 Lario HD Glaze
4168-60 Grey Pampas Matte
4170-60 Beige Pampas Matte
4550-01 Granite Gloss
4551-01 Blackstar Granite Gloss
4595-52 Bahia Granite Quarry
4674-60 Evening Tigris Matte
4724-52 Milano Amber Quarry
4725-52 Milano Brown Quarry
4726-52 Milano Quartz Quarry
4779-60 Pewter Brush Matte
4882-38 Oiled Soapstone Fine Velvet
4886-38 Pearl Soapstone Fine Velvet
4888-38 Rustic Slate Fine Velvet
4897-01 Girona Cavern Gloss
4904-38 Desert Springs Fine Velvet
4921-52 Madura Garnet Quarry
4922-52 Madura Pearl Quarry
4924-38 White Carrara Fine Velvet
4925-07 Calcutta Marble Textured Gloss
4926-07 Black Alicante Textured Gloss
4929-38 Bordeaux Juparana Fine Velvet
4931-38 White Juparana Fine Velvet
4951-22 Breccia Antique
4952-22 Typhoon Ice Antique
4954-22 Italian White Di Pesco Antique
4955-22 Cafe Di Pesco Antique
4957-22 Mocha Fantastico Antique
4971-52 Bronzite Quarry
4978-07 Henna Vesta Textured Gloss
4979-07 Ink Vesta Textured Gloss
4980-22 Portoro Antique
4981-38 Calacatta Oro Fine Velvet
4987-07 Leche Vesta Textured Gloss
4988-07 Mercury Vesta Textured Gloss
4998-22 Andorra Shadow Antique
4999-22 Andorra Fog Antique
5000-22 Toffee Di Pesco Antique
5001-07 Pearl Sequoia Textured Gloss
5002-07 Oyster Sequoia Textured Gloss
5003-38 White Cascade Fine Velvet
5004-38 Dusk Cascade Fine Velvet
5006-07 Cote D'Azul Noir Textured Gloss
5009-60 Pebble Piazza Matte
5011-22 Potter's Clay Antique
8215-12 Antique Bourbon Pine Soft Grain
8216-28 Antique Marula Pine Gloss Line

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