CabinetPRO is more than a kitchen cabinet company. We design, manufacture and install all types of wood and laminate products. We can manufacturer commercial counters, cash counters and store counters, product displays, shelves and wall units. The CabinetPRO commercial cabinetmaking team can guide you in the design of high-quality furniture for your business.

If your existing fixtures need rejuvenating or modernizing choose CabinetPRO because that is our specialty. We offer the largest selection of refacing materials and finishing techniques that will breath new life into you old commercial display, cash counters and fixtures,

Project 2021 – 2022: – CabinetPRO was contracted to deign, manufacture and install many of the integral millwork for Kingston’s new Comfort Inn & Suites on Princess Street. Millwork included, bedroom kitchen suites, buffet, breakfast bar, market place, lobby entertainment wall unit and their front reception desk system.

Project 2022 – CabinetPRO designed, manufactured and installed this 12′ wide x 9′ high lobby wall entertainment center for the Comfort Inn & Suites, Princess Street, Kingston. Plywood construction finished in high pressure laminate.

Project 2022 – Front Reception at the Comfort Inn & Suites, Princess Street, Kingston.  We designed and built the entire reception area in their lobby including the laminate and aluminum facade.

Project 2022 – We designed, manufactured and installed the reception area.

Project 2022 – Designed, manufactured and installed the marketplace at the Comfort Inn & Suites Princess Street, Kingston

Project 2022 – Designed, manufactured and installed the breakfast bar at the Comfort Inn & Suites, Princess Street, Kingston

Project 2021 -2022: – The Bloom Holistic Resort located on Loughborough Lake in South Frontenac, Ontario.

Project 2021 -2022: – The Bloom Holistic Resort – We designed, manufactured and installed this beautiful servery.

Project 2021 – 2022: – Bloom Holistic Resort, Deigned, Manufactured and Installed the beautiful walnut buffet.

Project 2021 – 2022: – Designed, Manufactured and installed this commercial kitchen at the Bloom Holistic Resort.

Project 2022 – Len’s Cove, Portland Ontario. We were contracted to produce 1950’s inspired kitchens for their cabinet renovations. This included a custom made laminate countertop with aluminum edging just like what we saw in the 50’s. In 2023 we are expanding the 50’s inspired kitchens of the initial cabinet to at least three more including living room sofas and furniture within the living space of the cabins.

Look for pictures of our work when produce the behind the bar mill-work and seating tables in their bar and restaurant.

Project 2020 – We designed, manufactured and installed a new reception desk for the Main Obsession Hair Salon, Kingston, Ontario

Project 2020 – We designed, manufactured and installed a new reception desk for the Main Obsession Hair Salon, Kingston, Ontario


The CabinetPRO refacing system is a great option for applications including cabinet refacing, wall coverings, store fixture renovations, and refurbishment of doors, partitions and furniture.


Reception areas are typically the first thing clients see when walking into any establishment. Having a fresh look can go a long way in setting a client’s expectations of your business. Make a statement without breaking the budget by using CabinetPRO’s high quality durable refacing system. These stylish, easy to clean surfaces, will enhance first impressions for any level of clientele.


Whether it’s a bathroom partition, a room/office divider or wall system, CabinetPRO can bring it back to life by resurfacing it from our selection of 100’s of styles and colours.


Many times doors are damaged by carts, strollers, wheelchairs, etc. Rather than replacing doors, simply refurbish them with our CabinetPRO’s superior resurfacing materials. This fire door refurbishment solution will not only fix wear and damage but will also give the doors a fresh updated look.


Many think the only option available for worn furniture is to replace it, but our collection offers an opportunity to rejuvenate your marred furniture by covering it with CabinetPRO’s luxury PCV, and Veneer products. Need added protection for tabletops and office furniture? Consider using the ultra-durable industrial grade laminates have added durability ideal for desktops, store fixtures, retail displays, and other high traffic surfaces. These super durable topcoats and broad range of textures provide peace of mind against scratching and everyday wear and tear.


Refreshing worn fixtures is a breeze with CabinetPRO’s durable fixture finishes. They can be applied to any clean, flat surface as well as compound curves. Better yet, installation can be done cleanly and quietly during store hours allowing you to continue driving sales while updating your stores appearance.

Other Commercial Refacing Options

The Comfort Inn – Princess Street, Kingston Ontario