$$ – Level Two PricingOur pricing is by far the best available when comparing apples to apples. Lower priced that off the shelf cabinets at the Big Box Stores.

Our CabinetPRO Select line of Custom Cabinets are built in Kingston to the highest standards. Offering the fastest delivery in custom cabinets in the industry. Select Cabinets can be made in as little as three weeks. Our CabinetPRO Select cabinets offer an unbelievable highly constructed cabinet box, with all the features you would expect in a high end cabinet. The Select series comes standard with high quality melamine drawer boxes with soft-close, under-mount, full extension drawer glides. The doors have high quality 6-way adjustable soft-close hinges.

Our Select Thermofoil cabinetry are available in 15 or most popular doors styles in upwards of 80 colours.

Our Select Painted Series are available in 30 door styles and 12 standard colours. See styles and colours below.

Buying our CabinetPRO Select cabinets is the best way to save substantial time and money on a kitchen remodel. One of the main advantages of our Select Series Custom cabinets are the lower cost and the convenience of fast delivery when time is a major factor. Our cabinets are made in just weeks so you can get them quickly. The quality is superior in many ways because they are constructed with solid 5/8″ thick back panels, glued and dowelled and they save you money because we make them to side so you don’t have to pay for customization.

*After learning more about our Select Series Custom cabinet options, click below or at the bottom of this page to reveal our one-of-a-kind custom cabinet pricing and shopping opportunities.

Quality Construction:
Full Access Frameless Construction – Dowel and Glued for Added Strength – Full 5/8″ thick back panels – Under Mount Drawer Glides – Full Extension Soft-Close Drawer Glides – Easy Adjustable Drawer Fronts – 6-Way Adjustable Door Hinges – Full Depth Cabinet Shelves – Adjustable Leveler Feet.

*Coming Soon – You’ll be able to shop these cabinets on our new shopping website due late June 2023.

15 Most Popular Door Styles


Bevel Standard

Bevel Flare – *Centre deeper than the Bevel Standard

Bevel Classic – Center Mid between Flare and Standard


Bevel Slab

Panel Bead Hill

Double Shaker

Twin Shaker

Shaker V-Groove


Sudbury North

Select Shaker



Thermofoil Colours

Group 1 – Velvet White – Ri

Group 1 – Bisque Silk

Group 1 – Almond – E

Group 1 – Natural Maple – E

Group 1 – Pearl Dark

Group 1 – Chocolate Pear – E

Group 1 – Passion

Group 1 – Black Matte

Group 1 – Ontario White

Group 1 – White Woodgrain RI

Group 1 – Alpine White-R

Group 1 – Matte White-E

Group 2 – Alpine White-R

Group 2 – White Satin X 14

Group 2 – Snow White-E

Group 2 – Antique White Satin 14

Group 2 – Antique White Wash

Group 2 – Fashion Grey-E

Group 2 – Vanilla Stix

Group 2 – Grey Oak

Group 2 – Alpha Light

Group 2 – Brown Cherry

Group 2 – Porto Maple

Group 2 – Tuxedo Matte

Group 2 – Shadow Oak

Group 2 – Chocolate Apple-E

Group 2 – White Woodgrain-E

Group 3 – Glacier White-O

Group 3 – Matte White (O)

Group 3 – Antique White Wash-O

Group 3 – Solid Starry Night

Group 3 – Milltown Oak

Group 3 – Rift Oak Gray

Group 3 – Queenston Oak Gray

Group 3 – Acajou Mahogany

Group 4 – Morning Dew

Group 4 – Rain Cloud-AL

Group 4 – Rain Cloud-E

Group 4 – Velluto Moonlight

Group 4 – Shark Grey

Group 4 – Stone Super Matte

Group 4 – Milkiway-Ri

Group 4 – White Chocolate-Ri

Group 4 – Aria-O

Group 4 – Concrete Groovz

Group 4 – Ello

Group 4 – Diva

Group 4 – Dolce-2

Group 4 – Avenza

Group 4 – Blonde Maple SC

Group 4 – Hardrock Maple

Group 4 – Calvados K

Group 4 – Fabro

Group 4 – Capri

Group 4 – Candle Light-SC

Group 4 – Bourbon Cherry

Group 4 – Calvados-C

Group 4 – Brolo

Group 4 – Brushed Aluminum

Group 4 – Baroque-O

Group 4 – Arctic Groovz

Group 4 – Libretti-O

Group 5 – Fashion Gray Luxe Satin

Group 5 – Morning Dew Super Matte-Ri

Group 5 – Haze Super Matte

Group 5 – Charcoal Matte

Group 5 – Eggshell Black Claw

Group 5 – Midnight Super Matte-SI

Group 5 – Palomino Oak

Group 5 – Light Blue Super Matte

Group 5 – Blossom Cherry

Group 5 – Duca Super Matte

Group 5 – Light Green Super Matte

Group 6 – Portuna 1

Group 6 – Swiss Elm

Group 6 – Drftwood 3

Group 6 – Driftwood 2

Group 6 – Honey Maple

Group 6 – Rustic Cherry-R

Group 6 – Lausanne PC

Group 6 – Lausanne PB

Group 6 – Italian Walnut

Group 6 – Lausanne -E

Group 6 – Portuna 2

Group 7 – White High Gloss-E

Group 7 – White High Gloss-Ri

Group 8 – Black High Gloss

Group 8 – Graphite High Gloss

Group 9 – Achat Gray High Gloss – R

Group 9 – Terra Gray High Gloss

Group 9 – Maria Rose High Gloss

Painted Cabinet Door Styles and Colours

Select from our collection of 30 most Popular doors styles, manufactured using a unique 2-piece construction painted using only the finest materials and finishing techniques. Sherwin Williams KCMA Approved Lacquer paint.










CP-DWP Back Bevel









CP-Milan – Beaded











Choosing colours for a kitchen can be challenging as you consider not only the cabinets, but the walls, backsplash, flooring and trim. To help you with this process, we have curated a palette of on-trend kitchen colours that not only work well as standalone finishes, but look beautiful when used in combinations. Two-tone kitchens are very popular and our colour selection makes it easy to choose finishes that complement each other. See colours below.

12 Stock Colours Available

Sherwin Williams KEMVAR 8420S Conversion Varnish

A post catalyzed, fast drying and acid cured conversion varnish, this topcoat was designed for a wide range of interior woodwork. It has a very high solids content and quick build. Designed specifically for use with MDF, it can also be used on solid wood and provides excellent filling and sanding properties. It’s chemical and moisture resistant characteristics make it an ideal finish for kitchen cabinets, bath vanities and furniture. The gloss level of our top coat is 20.


If you are tired of the cheap quality offered at the big box stores and IKEA, choose Cabinet Pro’s Select Series cabinetry, it’s the better choice.