After viewing our cabinet painting process below, make sure you read our final plea at the bottom of this page. We’re on your side, we don’t want you to make the wrong choice when selecting a company to spray paint your kitchen cabinets. Your house painter should not be your cabinet painter. Hire a company that specializes in cabinet painting only. Cabinet painters that do not spray your cabinet boxes lack experience and know how in providing you a 100% smooth finish everywhere in your kitchen. Using a roller and brush is a no, no when it comes to a quality finish, your cabinets boxes will end up with a different sheen and have an orange peel effect making your cabinets look like a ‘DIY’ project.

CabinetPRO Cabinet Painting.

We use cabinet painting in combination with our refacing program to create a unique cost-effective option.

Only the best in commercial grade lacquer paint and spray equipment are used.

Hire a Cabinet Painter not a House painter to paint your cabinets – There’s a difference.

Before you let a painter into your kitchen, there are a few things you need to know. You don’t want to hire a painter who merely dabbles in cabinet painting. This will result in a bad paint job and wasted time and money. Your cabinetry repaint is worth the investment, but you need to ensure you hire the right painter who specializes in cabinet painting.

1. Inadequate Prep Work

Every professional painter will agree that prepping the surface is the most important part of the job. When not done right, you will have issues with paint adhesion and longevity. A real cabinet painter should provide you with a thorough explanation of the prep work involved before painting your cabinets. Preparing cabinets needs greater attention to detail than drywall.  

2. Wrong Type of Paint

Using the right products for your cabinetry is essential. House painters can’t use the same type of paint that they use on trim or doors. A true cabinet painter knows which paint will work best for your space and cabinet material.

They also use the right primer and tools to ensure a long-lasting finish.  A high-quality brand of paint and the right types of paint must be used so the cabinets will hold up to routine cleaning and cooking.

3. Lack of Experience and Training

Experience matters when it comes to painting and refinishing your cabinets. When hiring any type of painter, you should always ask for references that you can contact yourself.  If a painter can’t show you any cabinet painting work, move on and continue your search.

Most reputable companies will have photos of projects they’ve done that you can view. Also, check their websites to see if cabinet painting is one of their services.

Experienced cabinet painters will have worked with a long list of customers in the past. Many of them are happy to sing their praises and share their experience with the company you are considering. They often leave online reviews on sites like Google and Facebook.

4. Improper Application

A typical house painter sometimes can manage to make your cabinets look good initially, but you may be risking durability due to improper paint application. Reputable companies know that you can’t brush or roll cabinets to get a factory-like finish. If a painter says they use standard paintbrushes on cabinet doors or boxes, consider working with someone else.

Paintbrushes and rollers leave visible streaks and an orange peel effect along the surface. This ruins the sleek finish and makes the cabinets look unprofessional. A cabinet painters will use a fine finish paint sprayer system to produce factory like finish.

Proper climate control is also necessary to do a good paint job. Without ventilation and airflow with consistent temperatures and humidity, you won’t get a true factory finish.

Remember, ‘Wall Painters’ are not ‘Cabinet Painters,’ so don’t make that fatal mistake many make when choosing a company to paint your cabinets. Don’t let price be your determining decision maker because in the end the cost in a failed paint job can cause the project to double. 

and finally…if they don’t use KCMA approved lacquer paints prayed on the doors and cabinet boxes don’t hire them