50-60 Year-Old Kitchen… Our Guess…

Sometimes we really enjoy unique challenges. This kitchen was built in place some 50-60 years ago is our guess. The cabinets were painted many times over the years as the pictures show. It took 2 hours just to remove the doors because the hinge screws were painted over so many times it was difficult to find and clear the screws to accept a screwdriver head. The cabinet boxes were made with extreme hardwood (which is good for the cabinets) making it difficult to dig out the screws when we found worn screw heads.

This kitchen has sustained some major wear and tear and structural damage to the cabinet boxes. This included dents, cracks and rounded off corners and more all of which was repaired prior to resurfacing the boxes.

The drawer boxes were old, worn, loose and sliding wood on wood. We supplied new solid wood dovetailed drawer boxes and side mount glides for better and smooth operation.

Like most kitchens from that era the doors were installed using exterior hinges. New V-Groove doors and drawer fronts were installed with concealed soft close hinges competing the new look.

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